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Linda Perry - EQ Article June 2005

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Dean Kuipers brought us a magnificent article in the June issue about one of my favorite vocalists and musicians - Ms. Linda Perry. I was a little surprised to see no mention of it or discussion here on the EQ forums because, if for no other reason the bar that Linda Perry raised during her commercial music career for female vocalists. I've mentioned in previous posts that her vocals were a unique thing to behold - and, if you wanted to have fun with goofy meaningless comparisons I would say that her vocals can evoke Satan in a Gilbert & Sullivan stage play dramatized by a chick on a Harley (pulling it all of rather nicely by the way)...but that's just me. Then I guess she might have an evil side too... :D


But leaving all that behind, as she moslty has (commercially speaking that is), there is still the journey she has undertaken to learn, understand, and manipulate all things pertaining sound & production...hmmm sounds like a lot of folks here, yes?


Prior to her recent Kung Fu Gardens studio she has released a solo album, worked and collaborated with many of my favorite artists (read the article!) and, as she currently seems to work, brings out the best of the artist. That's a very cool skill to have. May you continue to have great success.


But for me, the Linda Perry vocalist fan, I'm thinking you might get a thing going in the Kung Fu and release some tunes that are floatin around in YOUR head - that can only be delivered by 'the Very Ms. Perry'...there's only one you - you know :thu:


PS I know you're a multi-instrumentalist so that's part of the package too! Every once in a while have someone bring out the YOU in YOU - it'll be OK! If you want to that is...

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