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Beauty is a BEAST

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I learned a few things about cacti today :cry:


I knew to watch out for the long spiny looking needles, but never knew about the tiny little brown needles that clumped together. My nephew is getting married and today my parents threw a very nice garden bridal shower for the newcomer into our family. My step mother is a fanatic for horticulture and has just about every plant under the sun somewhere or another amidst her 5+ acres. One of these little guys was planted in a deck rail planter pot that over hung a patio table set. I sat by the plant while making sure not to get poked by the large needles... but my jacket brushed across the plant as I was walking by it...........




I feel like I have taken a bath in fiberglass slithers.

You can take the man away from his music, but you can't take the music out of the man.


Books by Craig Anderton through Amazon


Sweetwater: Bruce Swedien\'s "Make Mine Music"

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