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Tedster, we don't need the rain....

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You called for it here awhile back... :evil::P:evil:


Remember this Weather With You thread ???


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posted 05-26-2005 06:26 PM


Of course, I only live a few miles from Anifa, so her weather's about the same...but it can vary a bit with rainfall (especially when you're talking thunderstorms, which can be confined to relatively narrow bands). Rainfall has been sparse here as of late. We got a little last night, but we're way below normal for a typical spring. Summers here tend to be a bit on the droughty side, so we need all we can get.


Today has been quite pleasant! Good mowing weather...which is what I've been doing...


Are we talking flash flood warnings yet? I know we've already had some floodings, but this big OLE river is beginning to resemble the huge floods we had back in 1993


Rain, rain, go away...



This is the great flood of 1951 that I wasn't alive yet to witness...



Here's a picture of the 1993 Floods where the waters were upon the bridge support structures...




With the way these river banks are swollen right now, I looked at the forecast for rain the entire rest of the week.... OMG... this isn't looking pretty. With the Paseo closed down for construction right now, if these rains don't subside, we could be in DEEP DO DO.... literally!!! Broadway Bridge is one of the very first ones to close down during high waters. It doesn't take much to put that area leading into the bridge down by Old Municipal Airport underwater.... there's no other way to access it without driving through that stretch that gets flooded.

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