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For those of you who may appreciate it....

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Thanks halljams,i hadn't checked Keiths site out in quite a while. he's truly an amazing musician.


I had the opportunity to work with keith back in the ninety's when He 1st came to nyc. The band i was playin with at the time had a study wensday night gig at a club called lola in nyc. we were doing blues r&b & funk, we needed a sub one week , normaly the bass player would contact a drummer. For some reason the bass player didn't get around to it & the lead singer whom we normaly wouldn't trust with this job, said he had just worked with a cat on a clubdate (wedding gig) who he would like to use. I guess thanks to lazyness on mine & the keyboard players part, (we didn't feel like making the call for a drummer), we told bobby the lead singer to call his guy. So the keyboard player (who also happens to be a pretty decent drummer himself) & me are sitting outside the club when this skinny kid gets out of his car he looked about 16, (it looks like he's put on a few pounds since then lookng at the videos), The keys player looks at me & says oh no who did Bobby call for the gig?? expecting the worst. Well needless to say it didn't take us long to realize we had an amazing cat on drums. Keith had 1st call for all are gigs, but that didn't last to long. I have never seen any musician rise to the top so fast ! word about keith seem to spread like wild fire, the cream rises to the top is certainly true here. I would like to add beside being a fantastic musician he is also just a really nice person.


halljams thanks again for posting this. the last time i checked his site it was under construction. Also coincidence this week i've been loading stereo dat tapes into my computer of these gigs with keith (we always recorded) I'm trying to find the better tracks ,maybe mess with my uad plugins & burn a cd just for prosperity.


also besides the drum clinic check out the Oz Noy videos on his site, amazing stuff.





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