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Send a GET WELL message to Vassar Clements

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Send a Get well message:



Vassars web site:



Vassar is one of the finest gentlemen and musician I have had the pleasure to befriend and work with.


I have some pictures and stories if anyone is interested?


From Vassars site:

Dearest Friends,


It is with great sadness that we must type the news of Vassar's recent diagnosis (March 11th) of small cell lung cancer. He is in the good hands of confident doctors and the hearts and prayers of family, friends, and fans. His faith in God, his always upbeat spirit, and the happiness he has brought through his music will all play a role in the hopeful miracle we pray for. And something not to be forgotten, he is in the great care of his daughter Midge and son-in-law George. Vassar is also blessed with a wonderful and supportive extended family.


In light of these health developments, Vassar will be unable to make scheduled performances for the month of March. Please stay tuned to the website for any further cancellations. He is receiving immediate treatment for this form of aggressive cancer.

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Wow... I hadn't heard about Vassar's illness. He lives 6 miles from my house. :(


I think I'll call in my well wishes. I didn't realize how much he contributed to many disparate musical idols of mine. I regret to say his name would've gone right over my head many times I was backstage at the Opry. :o


Hopefully he will make it to full remission, but he's an old man.


Best wishes and peace to Mr. Clements.

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I'm so sorry to hear he hasn't been well. I'll be pulling for him, you bet.


I went to his site and was pondering what to write in his guest book.


Suddenly, I thought to myself, well, I should just go see if I can't find some of Vassar's music on my subscription servce; he's an old fave I hadn't looked up on it yet.


So, I open up MusicMatch and glance at the playlist that's already in there from earlier that morning.


The very last song on the list -- the one that would play if I hit the 'play' button, which I did -- was the Nitty Gritty Dirtband's "Will the Circle Be Unbroken," which featured Vassar and Doc Watson prominently and was a big favorite among my friends. (The Dirt Band was a Long Beach band and everyone knew someone in it.)


(I'd been listening to Dolly Parton this a.m. at the coffee house and the last thing I'd punched up was an album called "Best of Bluegrass" and the last thing on it, apparently, was "Circle" -- but I didn't get that far in the playlist.)


A stunning synchronicity. And as someone who used to 'collect' seemingly outrageous coincidences, I'm hard to impress.



Anyway, listening to "Circle" took me back to the 70's in Long Beach which had a big bluegrass/newgrass scene then. Vassar played at one or more of our banjo & fiddle festivals, too, if my somewhat kaleidoscopic 70s memories are holding up, along with everyone from Doc Watson to Old and in the Way. It was a great scene but it just dried up in the late 70's and blew away like a dandelion on the first really hot day of summer.

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