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Need Ebay expert....

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Over a month ago I purchased an instrument via BuyItNow.

The item was described as being just a few miles from me. I made an agreement with the seller whereby I would come inspect the instrument, and upon my satisfaction pay cash.


After a month, the seller tells me the item was out of stock and is now available. However, I must pay shipping for the seller to get the item for my inspection! Don't get me wrong here; I think the seller was acting in good faith and simply made a mistake in listing the item location.


I want to cancel the sale without causing any "black eye" to the seller. Is there a mechanism for me to do that?

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Well...the only time you end up with a "black eye" is if either of you post up negative feedback for each other.


So...get the Seller to post positive feedback for you first (since he was the one that "dropped the ball"...

...and then...you do the same.


End of a happy transaction. :thu:


He might still be liable to eBay for their "cut"...in which case...it is really up to him to first cancel the sale with ou any negative feedback....he is the one that doesn NOT have the product as promised.

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