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Anybody see "Hit Me One More Time" last night?

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A battle of the bands for "has beens," what a concept. :idea:


Lover Boy and Flock of Seagulls really let themselves go, as has Tiffany. Based on skills, CeCe Peniston should have won last night. Instead "Arrested Development" pulled the top honors. At least the girls in that group could sing.


My biggest gripe about the whole thing and any of the other shows in that genre (American Idol, etc.) is Why won't anybody sing a song in a key that's comfortable for them? How hard could it be to lower the song a whole step and then really belt it out IN TUNE? It's ridiculous watching "Pros"(???) trying to "hang on" or watching new talent (like the A. I. kids) ruin their voices for no reason at all. Shoot, even Michael Jackson had sense enough to lower the keys on his early hits after his voice changed.


Is there some unwritten rule in Hollywood that you HAVE to strain on your material, or are they just not comfortable with transposing a song?

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