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For those who have to have their TV everywhere they go...

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My Motorola HD DVR/Digital Cable box that I rent from Comcast has a cable modem built in, but disabled. This is integrated to provide the same functionality as the Slingbox thingy: I could watch everything I subscribe to on Comcast including Pay Per View, OnDemand, and stuff I record on the hard drive, from any computer anywhere connected through a high speed network. Security doesn't seem to be a problem, so I think bandwidth is Comcast's main roadblock.


Now, with this Slingbox box (is that redundant?), could I access my music and video files stored on my computer or on a hard drive on this computer from anywhere? Could I ultimately use technology like this to stream multichannel audio files so the files reside at home but I could access, transfer, and work on them from any location (recording studio, airplane seat, bathroom in my suite at the W New York, etc.)? Would I need a Monster Cable to connect my laptop?

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Cool. But what would really be an innovation would be a box that I can hook up to the internet and watch TV from any country in the world. Imagine, Europeans like me could watch German sports or movies and US expats in Europe could watch NBC, CBS, etc. A global village for sure. Now that would be cool.
"Ya gots to work with what you gots to work with". - Stevie Wonder
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