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I won 4 tix to the IRL race at Infineon Raceway in August....

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There I was on Sunday evening, with my laptop PC, VPN'd into work checking my email, with the CBS news on the telly. They got to the sports bit, and there was a report on the Indie 500 over the weekend, then, just before a commercial break, they had a trivia question about who was the only driver that had never won the Indie 500 four times. The answer was bleeding obvious to me, knowing a little, as one does, about racing car drivers.....it was b) Mario Andretti.


So, just for giggles, I send an email in with the answer - I guess it took me about 30 seconds to send it - I didn't really hurry. I never expected to hear any more about it.


Imagine my surprise when I get an email today telling me I was the third person to get the answer right (the first 4 people won tix apparently)! :)


I guess I'm going to the races at Sears Point in August. That'll be a novel experience I'm sure. :thu:


Back to your normally scheduled postings....



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