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OT: Graphics cards--features and prices

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In the DAW I just built I used a really modest ASUS graphics card that cost me less than $40. It serves me well, and I have no interest in gaming, graphics or video editing, etc., on that computer, at least.


Now I am proposing to build a hot new computer for a friend in exhange for some contracting work. He's not a power user in any respect, but he does have an interest in and a knack for graphic design. He would like to work with video and potentially animation too.


I know next to nothing about graphics/video cards--their feature sets, reliable makers of, etc. So let me phrase the question in this way:


What would be the graphics card equivalent of, say, an M-Audio Audiophile?


In other words:

--"Pro" level features and connectivity not a necessity

--Good, clean essential quality and reliability/stability is a necessity

--At or under $100

--Some bundled sofware, even limited versions, might be a plus too!


Thanks in advance for any recommendations, and for general ruminations on the state graphics/video cards today.

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I wouldn't know, but stay away from cheap or unheard of board manufacturers. I don't mean the chipset manufacturers, I mean the board. Chipset as far as I know the big players are nVidia or ATi. Can't go wrong with 256 MB memory, although 512 MB gaming cards are out.


My card is an nVidia 5600 XT made by eVGA ( http://www.evga.com ) and it cost $126 but should be cheaper now.


I'd say it's mostly a memory issue, so go for the highest amount of memory from a reputable manufacturer. But as far as video editing goes there may or may not be other features you want in a card and I have no experience there to offer any particular advice.


Hit up http://www.newegg.com

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THIS guide should offer you some excellent information regarding every part of your system creation-- including exactly the kind of graphics-card knowledge you are seeking.



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I just bought a Sapphir Atlantis ATi Radeon 9600XT, for $112 with shipping. Its 256mb and for the price i found nothing better. I did alot of looking too. i got it at www.newegg.com . I got it for gaming, but i could imagine it working great for anything. I have half life 2, which is a very very demanding game when it comes to graphics, and i run everything nearly at full. That says a lot trust me. I would get it again in a second.




thats the link, shipped fast too

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yea im running the resolution in 1280x960 too. It kinda catches a little here and there, but nothing big, id say it does it for 1 second out of every five mins, espeacilly right after a load. But i think its the game cause my friend has a loaded computer, 1gig of ram, 3ghrz, radeon x700 and it runs exactly the same. My computers at 512ram and only 1.7ghz so yea... The ending was ok i thought, didnt expect it to be like that tho.
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