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Digitraxx - anyone know these guys?

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Found an audio dealer on the web - http://www.digitraxx.com - and I'm wondering if anyone knows anything at all about these guys? They are advertising stuff with a daily "sale" price that is really low, more so than most. Seems they have a fairly limited product line, but all notable (no super-high-end stuff, no unheard of junk). They also have a phone number & address listed - don't know if that is legit or not, but they do tell you to give them a call to talk to a salesperson.


Tried to find something on the web, but all I've found so far is several links to their site from other music/dj sites and one set of reviews, with 3 out of 4 saying they had positive experiences buying from them. Anyone?

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I have bought a few things through him, actually-- Anthony Traficante, I think-- Everything's been great from my experience-- got Reason 3.o. SONAR 4, a MIDI controller, a soundcard-- all dirt cheap.


Pay more elsewhere if you wish, but this guy's just great to deal with.

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