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Needle/Laser Drop Pricing

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I'm starting to develop a large catalog of backgound music that was originally composed for radio spots, sports events, dance companies, industrial films, etc. As I own the copyrights to all of this material, I've been thinking about re-issuing some of these pieces for library use.


My problem is determining a price. All of my work has been budget based commissions. So I have NO IDEA what the going rates are. I have a general idea about blanket rates, but no idea of the per song/per market pricing. I've checked dozens of Music Library sites. But almost nobody has a rate card. The ones who did only gave blanket quotes. You have to request an individual quote for a specific project. So, can anybody out there give me some idea of what the general market is now for "needle drop", single use material?


I am also interested in the rates for Pop Songs being re-used in their original form or with new lyrics for commercial (like the Old Navy Spots running now using Rick James "Super Freak" to sell "Super Skirts" or Itsy Bitsy Bikini to sell Yogart.). ABSOLUTELY ANY INFORMATION WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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Thanks a lot guys.


Can anyone give me a ball park of what is typical in these types of situations?


Let's say it's a :30 spot for a dry cleaners in a small market in Ohio. The song runs 20 seconds of the spot and it's going to run 10 times (Once for AM Drive Once for PM Drive) Mon - Fri.. What's a reasonable charge (not the cheapest not the most expensive - I'm looking for dead center pricing)?


Scenario No. 2: Background music for a :60 spot on BMW running Prime Time nightly (all 7 days) for 4 weeks in Manhattan?


Scenario No. 3: Background music for a March of Dimes PSA Trailer running in a theater showing "Star Wars Episode 3."


Scenario 3B: Same as No. 3 but running at a indie film fest for 2 weeks in Baltimore.


Scenario No. 4: McDonald's "I'm lovin' It" spots. One Jingle run over numerous campaigns featuring commercial actors and major celebs. How' the pricing for that structured Vrs. a Jingle ID for a specific product like Empire Carpet which never changes over 20 - 30 years?

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