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If your phone service sucks that bad, then I'm sure you'll be happier with satellite.


The only thing is, at least the way I understand it, you can only use the satellite for downloading. Uploading is still done via phone. So... you'll be able to view web pages, download MP3's, receive email etc. very fast, but if you SEND email, post stuff on the web, upload MP3's, etc. you'll still be going over the phone lines.


Of course most of what people do on the Internet is download stuff... but if you have large quantities of files that you send out, you may not be happy. You might want to check with Direcway about this. It's possible the technology has changed but as of a year or two ago, that's how it was.

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Hmm... forget I said all that, I just looked it up and I guess now you can upload via satellite too... but the upload speeds are not as high as downloads! This is true of cable and DSL too, but you still probably want to double check and make sure your upload speed is acceptable... it looks like if you pay more per month you can get faster transfers.
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Direcway says:

download is: 500 kbps

upload is: 50 kbps


that's pretty good!


dial-up analog modem is:

download: 56 kbps (but in reality it's 3-7 kbps)

upload: forget it


my home DSL in the city is:

upload: 728 kbps

download: 128 kbps


From the Direcway site_________________________


Q: How fast is the DIRECWAY system?


A: DIRECWAY Home and Professional service plans provide download speeds up to 500Kbps and up to 50Kbps in the upload direction . It is helpful to understand that all Internet technologies (satellite or land-based) share available network bandwidth in one way or another. And as a result it is common to experience speed variations between busy times and quiet times. Actual upload speeds during busy times will likely be lower than the speed indicated.


As Lee said - and up to 50 Kbps in the upload direction. "and up to" sounds a bit like a rubber paragraph. If it really reaches 50k upload then it's OK. My 128k upload runs real at 78k.

-Peace, Love, and Potahhhhto
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