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.wav File means.........[Silly Question]

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A digitized audio file format for Microsoft Windows that stores sounds as waveforms. I think it's simply short for "waveform", although I wouldn't bet money on it...
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Originally posted by spokenward:

The full name is RIFF WAV Resource Interchange File Format


Here's an overview: Wave File Format Specification - The Sonic Spot


I don't think that there is an acronym because they had to fit it into a "dot 3" style name. like .WAV

Thanks...from the link above.


The Wave file format is Windows' native file format for storing digital audio data. It has become one of the most widely supported digital audio file formats on the PC due to the popularity of Windows and the huge number of programs written for the platform. Almost every modern program that can open and/or save digital audio supports this file format, making it both extremely useful and a virtual requirement for software developers to understand. The following specification gives a detailed description of the structure and inner workings of this format".



So is a Microsoft program? rigth?


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