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"Specific" Tone Deafness?

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A lieutenant that works in my office has begun taking piano lessons. She claims that, last night, she discovered she cannot hear the difference between a G and a Gb, but that she can hear accidental intervals for all the other notes (including F/F#, and G/G#). I asked her if she'd tried it at different octaves, she said she had and couldn't hear that particular interval anywhere on the keyboard. I then asked if she was playing an electronic keyboard, thinking it might be some kind of software glitch. She is, but she tried it on her instructor's keyboard (different make/model) and claims she still can't hear the difference between just G and Gb. I sang the notes and she said she could hear the difference then, however.


So, has anyone ever heard of tone deafness, just at one particular note interval? :confused:


"Eccentric language often is symptomatic of peculiar thinking" - George Will


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Excuse me..but in all my years of music..I have never heard of it called a g flat...f sharp ??


Sorry, it just hit me wierd.


As for tone "deafness", it is something that I have witnessed with some musicians. One bass player I knew was playing a whole step sharp and did not seem to notice.


Must have been the pot.



I am a bass clef junkie anyway...

Bill Roberts Precision Mastering

-----------Since 1975-----------

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I guess because I am a bass clef man and in music therory at the University, I never heard of a g flat...always an F sharp.


Doctor Gonzalez was anal about "no such thing as Gb"


I guess since has been damn near 30 years since College..I may be uninformed.


How would the key of f# differ from Gb??


IIRC, we studied treble clef, tenor clef and bass clef...always the "No gee flatitus"


Must be something new???


Let me see if I can put my foot in my mouth here.....


6 flats = Gb major, the notes that are flattened are B, E, A, D, G, C


6 sharps = F# major, the notes that are sharpened are F, C, G, D, A, E


So...Man...my brain is warped.


Back to school for bill?????


e# is a F

f# is a Gb

C# is a Db

G# is a Ab

D# is a Eb

A# is a Bb


We could get into Mnemonics!



Remember, Treble clef "C" is "concert" Bb so it gets kinda wild out there.


C/G (TC)equals Bb/F (BC)

Bill Roberts Precision Mastering

-----------Since 1975-----------

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