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Inline XLR mic pad

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Does anyone know where I can get an inline XLR mic pad? I see Shure makes one but it's switchable between 3 different pad values... and that's making it $50!


I'm sure (no pun intended) that someone else must be making one for around $20 but I can't seem to dig one up through Google, etc.


Has anyone found one for a decent price. I need 2 and don't want to spend $100 for them...

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We used to sell another manufacturer's "swiss-army" tools, such as pads, iso-transformers and other stuff at MARS Music. I'll have to head home to see who they were made by, but the individual -10dB, -20dB and -30dB pads were $19.99 each, IIRC.


Whirlwind makes the inline, IMP PAD in the same levels of attenuation and in a -40dB for around $20, as well. Click on the photo to see the entire Whirlwhind catalog of inline audio devices.



It's easiest to find me on Facebook. Neil Bergman




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Dak has the link! i used to make my own all the time when doing live audio work. if youve got old connectors around already.. you are only gonna have to spend about... ummm... 15c! Not bad.

Easy to do.

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