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Uh, what the hell? Radio interference?!

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itsphait: i heard voices, so i figure it was tv in other room.. no, radio? no.. i put on my headphones and i hear some noise and voices and then 'starts may 13th everywhere' :|

itsphait: i had like 5 sites open, NONE with flash movie ads..



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My next door neighbor runs a satellite TV that he watches Al Jarab programs in Iraq and other parts of the Middle East; he Jordanian. Whenever he has the dish fired up, it interferes with ANYTHING electronic that I have going; including bleed through during recording onto my digital recorder. :eek:

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Also check for loose/bad/marginal connections, corroded or dirty connectors and contacts. Sometimes a connection that's just conductive enough to pass a signal without super-noticeable issues can act as a "cat's whisker" capacitor -- throw that in front of an amp and you've got a primitive radio receiver.


Then again, if someone like a CD or ham operator is saturating the airwaves with illegal power, almost anything in your house with an amp and speaker in it can turn into a radio. In the era just before affordable cell phones, the tire shop in back of my old house used an illegal CB tower and multi-hundred watt repeater amp so that his remote could hear him as far away as Riverside (about 50 miles away over coastal mountains!) Needless to say, I could hear his transmissions on everything from my hardwired phone to my TV. I almost expected to hear him on the fillings in my teeth.

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Phait, try to identify what's interfering. Is it program material from TV? If so, it could be that a call to the cable company might be in order. Tell them that you're hearing channel (x) on your audio eq. CATV must have a grounded sheath, which keeps the signal going to its customers without leaking on other off-the-air receivers. If the main cable has sheath bonding problems, the cable will become a transmitter. This is a violation of FCC regulations and the company may be happier to hear from you than the feds. You could also check the wiring in your house to make sure the sheath is bonded. Find the main splitter and disconnect one cable at a time to see if it changes anything. Long runs of wire with bad bonds spell trouble.


Ani, it's probably an ungrounded sheath on your neighbor's coax. He may be using some kind of amplifier, which would make it worse.


If its a CBer, you're probably SOL. CBers would often use juiced mics to boost the signal, also a FCC violation, especially when not properly tuned for standing waves. The FCC got so swamped with complaints about CB's that they couldn't keep up. There was also a kind of second amendment mentality about CB's in the seventies and eighties that made enforcement more difficult. "You can have my amped mic when you pry it out of my cold, dead hands."


I had a customer in the early eighties that heard every one sided conversation their neighbor made. On their TV, on their stereo and on their phone. I put some capacitor/filters we used on their phone line, but never knew if it worked, since the CBer wasn't home at the time. My customer had just moved here from California and knew nobody in the community. All their calls were long distance and he was ready to throw a chain on the offender's antenna tower in the middle of the night and give it a tow with the pickumup truck.


Another customer heard all the come-ons from the hookers who lived next door in their complex. A major truck stop was just down the hill, so the ladies used a CB to make dates with the drivers. I didn't get to hear those conversations, either, but my customer said it didn't happpen very frequently, as they (the lot lizards) probably wanted little attention to their little enterprise...


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