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I love my cheap keyboard.

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Most of my music friends are acoustic songwriters and we go to each others places and spend afternoons or evenings playing on someones veranda or on someones lawn with all the kids and dogs etc. and everyone sings their songs. You know what I mean, we have some great times as some of these guys and gals write great songs and others just enjoy performing so house of the rising sun and summertime always get a good run.


For a keyboard player this poses a problem, you need a keyboard, stand, pedal, amp, power.. so I went searching the music shops for a cheap keyboard that ran on batteries and had it own speakers. After going through all types and sizes I settled on one for $499.00 about US$350


Its neat I had to learn to switch off the auto light show that came on automatically if you didnt play it for a few minutes ;) and the lighting keys that light up when you play them ;) and Im never going to use the 3 step tutorial built in but of all the cheap keyboards it had the best internal sounds for the price. IMO.


Its light you can pick it up with your little finger, and you can even plug in the mike, switch on the drum machine and the auto follow bass, take a break, and some three note piano player will eventually create an instant song.


My friends love it they say John, where did you get that neat keyboard?? :D




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I got the Casio WK-1630 about 3 years ago.I paid about 350.00 for it.Great songwriting tool!I use it all the time..I have a couple of buds who borrow it for the same reason,even with Kerzwils and Tritons ect. you can't beat the simplicity!

What? you mean I can take this block of fine swiss and make a song??...COOL!



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My first electronic keyboard was a Casio MT-40. It had those 4/5 size toy keys (which meant I got used to an octave spread the easy way and then had extra motivation when I graduated to regular size 'boards) but there was a 'full size model' with the exact same features for a couple hundred bucks more. (Mine was $150, I think.) This was, like, '82 or so, so that didn't buy much, but it had all the standard electric organ sounds and a delightfully dorky drum machine. I played the holy crap out of that thing.
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