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Mesa Boogie Road King

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For the past few years I have used nothing but a line6 pod because I traveled too much, moved around a lot, and I don't own a home so having a real amp has been hard to consider.....until now. I went to see a friend who works at a local GC here in ATL and I brought in my MMM1 baritone guitar to show it to him. I decided to plug into the Mesa Road King not knowing what I was in for.. Even with my dull strings that needed to be changed this thing sounded AMAZING!! 4 different types of tubes, 4 channels, huge range of tones....The back panel has more knobs than the front! Does anyone here own this thing???



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I haven't used the Road King yet, but I used to travel with a TriAxis and Loved it.

Seriously, what the f*ck with the candles? Where does this candle impulse come from, and in what other profession does it get expressed?

-steve albini

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