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Anyone shop online for clothes?

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I'm looking for a retailer with a wide variety of styles, from long-sleeve dress shirts to jeans, etc.


I usually prefer shopping in town but I thought I'd peruse online too. Any recommendations?

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No, not that much. I usually get stuff like Ex Officio (travel and hiking clothing) online at REI or CampMor, but that's about it.
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Ah yeah, bluefly.com is where I found those $$$ shirts. But they had a selection of more affordable stuff too.


I really want some buckled Harley-type boots (without the emblem all over). But those are a thing I'd have to try out in person first, and buy online if the price is that much better... chances are with shipping I'm better off buying shoes in town.

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Phait -


www.shoebuy.com has over 1000 men's boots to choose from and they carry the entire Harley Davidson line. I've ordered from them many times, always a good thing - no problems. Free return shipping, too, if you don't like what you got.


The last two long sleeve, cotton, black, button-up shirts I bought (I love this kind of shirt with jeans and boots)) were from Target and Old Navy. Cool shirts, and inexpensive.


These shirts I buy from j crew and like a lot, looking good untucked and unironed - little more cash at $50 each. - but no black right now -



I like buying shoes and clothes online - you can find stuff you can't get where you live. I could not find the pair of Frye Boots I wanted anywhere in Atlanta (the ones Springsteen has worn for 35 years) but I found them online.


I could not find this leather jacket in Atlanta, either:



...but I did buy it online from Leo's leather in Chicago, a great store if you're interested. I love that original Schott Perfecto leather jacket -


Good luck with your search. Have Fun.

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If I know I like a certain brand, I will definitely shop online. Of course, I was using mail order catalogues for clothing long before I ever had a computer and online access. I am one woman that HATES going to the shopping malls for hours at a time. :mad: More so than clothing, I'll buy domestic goods such as draperies, bedding, and etc. online as opposed to local retail; I buy better quality merchandise for the same price I'd spend at an outlet store or a clearance rack.


I like quality, but I HATE paying the 100% mark-up prices that the stores include into the price tag. I've also bought electronics from online retailers.

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Have you tried Ebay? I know It seems obvious, but my wife who is a chronic clothes shopper swears by it. She gets all excited because she can find designer clothes at retail prices, then gets pissed when I don't care. :D

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I haven't because I normally like to feel of the cloth before I buy a shirt. It is hard to tell the weight and quality by a picture. Also, I tend to buy in spurts. Last week I happened upon a good sell at Kohl's and bought 4 shirts and 12 pairs of pants. Last year it was shoes. I went to Florida and came home with 8 pair. Everything from sandals to dress shoes. A few people here probably remember that I went to New York a few years ago and bought over 30 pair of socks while there. Before that it was dress shirts. Dillard's bought out a local chain that I liked and put some things at 75 percent off. I loaded up on dress shirts then. I have not bought dress shirts or socks since, and I went four years without buying shoes before I went on a spree.


I don't know what caused me to shop this way. A few years ago I would try to buy things in complete outfits. One thing I do know, I have to be in a mood to buy clothing, and find something I really like, AND find a good sale.



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Originally posted by deanmass:

Try Red Wing for boot. They have a a real nice Harley look, btu with better soles/insides.

Looked around, they seem to have some other brands that branch off. I saw the buckle boots, but not quite what I'm looking for. I like the strap to have an embroidering/threading along the perimeter instead of just a plain (weak looking) strap.


I did see some actual HD boots of interest though.

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