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I need a remote recorder

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Can anyone suggest a good way to inexpensively, remotely record in stereo, while being able to play back at least one other track for a guide... digitally? 44.1kHz, 24bit.


My wife is opening her own hair salon and her partner is putting a great sounding, 50 yer old baby grand in there.


I'd love to bring a couple of mics and pres, and a little recorder to do piano overdubs there.


Any ideas?

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Originally posted by zeronyne:

There's a brand new Roland (Edirol) unit that's getting a lot of press.


The R4

THAT... looks interesting. Anything cheaper though? I'm guessing it goes for a bit of coin. Maybe an old 4 track reel to reel? Would there be drift issues due to it being analog? The motor, etc.?
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The R4 looks pretty cool -- and while it records 4 simultaneous channels -- I didn't see anything on the product sheet about synchronized overdubs. (Although that would surely be missing a bet ant it's hard to believe it wouldn't have it.)
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I don't need it syncronized necessarily. I can fly in stuff without any problems. The goal would be to get it back into Pro Tools.


So really, what I need is a 4 track recorder. Or an 8 track.


What was the deal with those Pac Rat 24bit retrofits for ADAT's?



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What do you consier inexpensive?


For under $500 you can get either an M-box or a Mackie Spike. I wouldn't want to record a nice piano with anything of lower quality personally.


Option two, find someone locally with an M-box or Spike to do your recording.

Hope this is helpful.


NP Recording Studios

Analog approach to digital recording.

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Nope... it's a tape based DIGITAL recorder.

Some info here: http://www.silentway.com/88.html

With pic and specs: http://www.martianengineering.com/frames/DA38.html


8 tracks, digital, DTRS, works with HI-8 tapes

It's Tascam's version of the ADAT (if you know about those)



Valkyrie Sound:




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