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Phil Spector Wall of sound

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Another thing is that Phil had three and four guys all playing the same thing at the same time....such as four rhythm guitar players...all at the same time. Lots of doubling/tripling which is one reason there were so many people crammed into that tiny studio.


Flame me if you want, but I gotta tell you, the songs are great, but I don't like the technique.


I didn't even like it when the stuff was on the radio the first time.


I'd hear real clean, dynamically great recordings like "Tell Her No" by the Zombies and then right after, the radio would play "You've Lost That Lovin Feelin" ...where everything sounds more like wall-of-mud than wall-of-sound. The drums are next to obliteratingly buried...the tambourine is actually louder than the drum kit..the echo chamber simply buries all the detail...etc etc etc. In fact on "Lovin Feelin", some guys are playing straight 4/4 while others are shuffling. If you can listen past the roar of the echo, it's actually pretty weired timing going on there..especially on the verses.


Great song...I just don't like the Phil effect. Same thing on the Ronettes stuff etc.

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