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"The Beastles" - Beastie Boys - Beatles mashup album

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I'm waiting for Mozthoven. Could be interesting.


Originally posted by DJDM:

But what do I do with the CD I burned? Try as I might I can't delete the damn thing... ctrl - alt - del? :confused::P

Yeah, I just put wrote it in the linernotes of the 1000 or so CD's I just sold.


This mashing thing is really paying off!


I think we should start mashing the 'Is your music any good' thread. :idea:

Super 8


Hear my stuff here


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Originally posted by DJDM:

I kinda dig it... it's mostly harmless. If anyone does get upset about this they have no sense of humor, irony or fun.

I've only listened to two songs so far (and then, of course, gone and deleted them so I don't get big burly men in black suits knocking at my door). Didn't really dig 'em all that much so far, thought they were okay.


But yeah, it's definitely got an element of fun. Some people get a little too uptight about mashups, but whatever. That's their prob.


As far as mash-ups go, I always seem to like the really silly ones, like ones that pair a rapper with "Eye of the Tiger" or other ridiculous things. The more belly laughs I get from it, the more I seem to really like it.

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