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Ennio Morricone runs the voo-doo down

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From recent MOJO:


What was the first record you owned?

Possibly Beethoven's Quartets; my family always listened to opera when I was a child & my father loved jazz, so we all listened to Louis Armstrong but classical & jazz were not big inluences on me when I was young.


What musician, other than yourself, have you ever wanted to be?

Johann S. Bach or Igor Stravinsky. There's a series of composers I have been inspired by; I also love Monteverdi & Palestrina.

I hope that I've influenced pop music but throughout my careerI've avoided listening to contaminations in order to attempt to remain in the illusion of originality.


Favorite records?

I actually don't own many records but go to a lot of concerts.

I do like the Beatles & Pink Floyd.

The Beatles were absolutely extraordinary but you really have to study to compose properly. If they'd studied composition they could've done an even better job; I don't think anythink can come naturally in terms of composing music.

I also like to listen to the Chieftains.

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