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OT anyone experience wireless aircards?

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I've been exploring ways to stay connected while on the road. As I now drive truck and end up with a few hours in the sleeper birth, I want some internet connectivity. Yes, a lot of truck stops have wireless, but connecting is sometimes a problem. I have been exploring the aircards offered by Sierra and Sprint. Apparantly, somewhere between $40 and $80 per month and you can connect through a wireless modem most anywhere that sprint cellular is available. They seem to go in and out of popularity. I hear Verizon Wireless and Cellular One are both coming out with a setup early next year. For most people, they are not necessary as most hotels have wireless internet, but for those of us who sleep in what we drive, they may be the best solution. Any of you have any experience with these? Anyone know of any good knowledge sources for this stuff?



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I have experience with the edge cards and AT&T. $80 a month for unlimited access (although metered access is also available), excellent national and international coverage, ~256K connections and an integrated 802.11b interface. I'm really happy with them. It's one of the few products that I didn't have to separate what the sales force presents to me and reality. That's about all I know though.

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Originally posted by santabach:

a few hours in the sleeper birth

Ah, how most women like to pop out the babies!


Now, for time in the sleeper berth... :thu:


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Originally posted by Hendmik:

I have experience with the edge cards and AT&T.

Me too. I've setup about a dozen of the Sony Ericcson GC83 cards for my sales guys and they've all worked well for the most part. They do run about $80 a month, which isn't cheap. But if you travel a lot and need a steady internet connection then it might be worth it.
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We have a Sierra Air Card with T-Mobile at work but I've only traveled with it locally (a difference of 15 miles) so take that into consideration. I didn't have any problems connecting and keeping signal but it was really slow - took me back to the 28.8 modem days. Although it could be that I've been spoiled with T-1 at work and broadband at home.

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