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Anyone using Apogee Big Ben?

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Just curious. I haven't heard much about this except for some reviews. I have an Apogee Rosetta 800, which I am extremely happy with, but am always curious about improving my recordings further.

Here is one review from Digital Pro Sound. Some excerpts:


"Sonically, Big Bens contribution was to make the Rosetta 800s sound even smoother. I removed it from the chain and substituted a Lucid GenX6 clock, and definitely preferred the sound with Big Ben in the chain. It wasnt bad with the Lucid, just better with Big Ben."


"Considering the conversion quality of the Rosetta 800 and Big Ben combination first, and the routing capabilities and limiting/dithering features next, this combo should satisfy nearly anyone. Used individually, each box performs admirably on its own. But as members of a team, they truly shine."

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