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My First Pro Tools Home Recording....any advice?

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For a hardcore band, everything needs to have its own space - most importantly the vocals. Having not heard the tracks that are on tape, I can't suggest anything specific. Just take you time and have fun experimenting with different ideas.


Cheers and Welcome to the Forums, Jack!


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I record hardcore bands in my home studio. The biggest impediment to getting awesome sound that I constantly encounter is this tendency for bands to completely obliterate my living room with loud volume. I try very patiently to show them that there comes a point in which playing too loudly is detrimental to the sound quality of their recording, making the room resonate too much, causing rattles, losing clarity and definition, and becoming a floating miasma of mush. I try and get them to achieve distortion at lower volumes, hit the drums with "snap" instead of wailing on them, etc. It takes constant reminding, but when they start hearing the huge difference in the sound quality, and how much larger and more brutal the sound can be, they start understanding. Most of the time.


There are a lot of other really important things such as the points in the post above, but to me, this is far more important than what EQ or even what mics/mic preamps are used.

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