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The Reason 3.0 Teaser On The Prop's Website

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I've been following this campaign over there for the last couple of days and the guess that it is a device for storing combinations of devices and effects sounds about right to me just judging on the looks of it so far. I've always been a fan of "ctrl - c" "ctrl - v" when it comes to carrying over device configurations myself but if there is some new level of functionality introduced then it will be a nice upgrade.
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2 cute.


But, hey, this is the company who insists that you have to patch their software with real, bouncing, virtual patch cables. (I can sit and hit the tab key for hours watching those cables bounce as the 'rack' flips around on my demo. Maybe that's why I've pretty well never made any real music with it... too busy appreciating the overwhelming cuteness of it all.)

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All looks pretty cool huh.


What was the price of 2.5 at the PropsShop

before they announced the 3.0 upgrade?


I see they say they've discounted 2.5, supposedly minus the cost of the upcoming upgrade. Todays

supposedly cut price is $369. I have never looked at the prices in the online shop before. I got mine from musicians friend.

William F. Turner




Sometimes the truth is rude...

tough shit... get used to it.

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Ah lovely. The compressor was always the biggest let-down for me. Well so was the reverb but they sorted that out with the lovely RV module.


Still i will keep using it ReWired to Ableton Live where i can apply better processing and sequencing.


And to DJDM, who once accused me of pirating Reason, bite me! mwahaha. But seriously i would have assumed you would be beta testing?


footnote: interesting to note they say the new version has faster sample loading time. i always thought the painful delay was a symptom of my system moreso then software. interesting.

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