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recording (studio)headphones

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[quote]Originally posted by halljams: [b] Any real favs or suggestions.[/b][/quote] UP THERE? WEAR EARMUFFS! I kinda like the AKG K55's I have. There are lots of them out there that are better but for a very reasonable price the K55's work well. You will still want to use monitors.


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Headphones I use often: Beyer DT 150 (My #1 favorite for tracking, updatet version of DT100). Sony 7506 (Not bad at all, foldable - great for field work also). Expensive to repair. AKG 240 (needs a powerful amp to drive them, comfy, open back type, smoooooth, great for QC-listening). High on my list of things to purchase: A pair of Sennheiser 600's /Mats


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Right on! Thanks everyone. I'll look into the ones mentioned. [quote]Originally posted by daklander: [b] UP THERE? WEAR EARMUFFS! [/b][/quote] Well you see this is the thing, i'm not really looking for good isolation, but how else was i supposed to say i'm looking for warmth in a set of studio headphones. You're soo on to me! ;)
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