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Check out my experimental music...

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Iffn yer gonna spam us right off the bat at least have a real web site without the freaking banners.

You know, something like http://www.hayallyou_lookatmyshit.com, instead of http://www.myspace.com/notworthlookingat.com... :freak:


You really should look around a forum to get a feel for the protocol before jumping in with both feet & looking like an idiot.


Our Joint


"When you come slam bang up against trouble, it never looks half as bad if you face up to it." The Duke...

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damn dude, you're making us utahnites look stoopid :freak:


hang out and get to know the place before you start selling your wares. you don't walk into a bar and start selling yourself like that do you? consider this place a virtual pub and you'll fare better.


what part of planet utah do you hail from? i'm in SLC.

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Originally posted by Sevenstringbassfreak:

Hey.Ive been bandless for awhile so ive been screwing around with some stuff at home.If you have myspace add me to your friends list if you would like.

Anyways check it out...

My music page...

Okay,... I gave it a shot,...it's not my cup of tea but I dig the bass. Cool!

Fan, nu pissar jag taggtråd igen. Jag skulle inte satt på räpan.


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