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Cable solution for eDrums?

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Even the $10,000 Roland and Roland/DW kits look like someone threw up a bunch of cables on them. Until low-latency wireless becomes a practical solution someday for electronic pads, have you seen any boutique company making hardware specifically designed to hide cables? There's got to be SOMEONE doing it...it's such a ubiquitous eyesore. I have a fairly large acoustic kit augmented by an Alesis multipage and a few pads and triggers. What do you do to mitigate all the mic and trigger cables?


And if your answer is "who cares? It's all about the sound", I can appreciate that, but it's irrelevant to this particular question. Thanks.

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The church where I occasionally fill in for drums had a TD-15 kit with cables hanging everywhere. I recently donated my TD-30x, along with a better V-Snare, extra cymbal, and a box of VELCRO Brand Cable Ties. I also got a stick holder and went to work. It is not perfect but it does look much better now. You can run some of the cableing along the drummer side of the framework, hiding a good part from the audience but they will always see the sections that connect to cymbals and drums. I used black Velcro strips and the frame and all cables are black. That helped.

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