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Back from Burning Man...photo content!

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I'll have some thoughts and observations a little later; right now, the last thing I want to do is spend any significant amount of time in front of a computer. But I will offer a piece of advice for the moment:


Pay It Forward.

I've upped my standards; now, up yours.
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Well, now...if you're looking for lots of pictures of bewbies, forget it. It's pretty much frowned upon, unless you ask first. Case in point: Some nutjob uber-feminist purposefully drove her bike out of the Critical Tits parade and crashed into my leg, drawing blood, just because I hada camera with me, nevermind that it wasn't even on or pointed at the parade.

(Nice use of violence, at what's meant to be a peaceful event, to address a rather mundane issue, but that's another topic...).


Some pictures weretaken, though (given permission by the more reasonable of the group) just for the members here who want to see that. (See...I was thinking of you guys even while in the desert! How cool am I, huh?). Though they're not particularly steamy, I'll make it a clickable link, so's to keep it kinda 'family' here.

I'll also be posting some pics of some of the cool art that was there (the primary reason for the event in the first place, really).


Right now, I'm at work at a part-time contract job, so A) I don't have the stuff with me, and B) I've got some equipment to brea--uh, fix. Not sure when I'll get to the posting, though...pretty full plate. I may try tonight.

I've upped my standards; now, up yours.
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Sorry, Mike...today's the first day I've not had 15 people pulling on me in 15 directions since I got back. I'm trying to get caught up on projects.

I'll try to get some pics up asap. I promise.

I've upped my standards; now, up yours.
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Okay, here are some shots. Upon review of all I came back with, I realize that I didn't take as many pics as I thought; I'm remembering a whole lot of things I saw that I don't have images of...so the picking seems a bit scarce. I'm also remembering shots I took that I can't seem to find, so I'll have to get with the other guys to see what they have. More than likely, we'll be putting together a little Quicktime movie/slideshow for download at some point in the near future.


A few views of our art car...




A spooky parallel...


These people had:

#1 The same size Penske truck as us and the exact same scratch in the same spot on the truck's side as ours.

#2 Indiana plates (as did ours)

#3 A '92 Chrysler minivan on the Penske tow dolly (same size as the one we rented). Their minivan was the more mundane version of the one that our art car was, but was essentially identical.

It was like us in a parallel universe.


(Just discovered the "8-picture limit :eek: ...)

I've upped my standards; now, up yours.
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Some of the art out on the playa...



In daylight, you could see out, but not in; at night, the opposite...


A shade structure designed around the natural bending tendencies of plywood; I think all park shades should be this way from now on. It was very pleasant. (The artist used to be a recording engineer at Wally Heider's place some years ago...)


Never did get to see this one in action, but the strobes flashed while the whole thing spun, and created the effect of men diving into the sand.


The flags in this picture were made out of oil barrels; countries represented are those with political ties to big oil and consumption (or something like that...it was a hot day, I was tired...). Every flag had bullet holes in it.


I've upped my standards; now, up yours.
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A couple of art cars...


(in a previous life, a '70 Cadillac...)





I've upped my standards; now, up yours.
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Other interesting transpo...



(that the scorpion's tail was made of old bike gas tanks, was one of the coolest things, I thought...)


This one made me seriously want to be a couch potato.


A ferris wheel that got around the playa powered by three humans inside, on their own, offset wheel, with bicycle footpedal mechanisms to provide inertia.



No idea what this was...


I've upped my standards; now, up yours.
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This one sums it up, I think...



EL wire is such an amazing thing...



The temple

...which was very sad to watch burn. Thus, I did not capture it at burn time. The thing was a quarter-mile in total length, from end to end.



The Temple's designer--David Best--is in black.



My favorite still, from the night the Man burned.



For the guys who want to see some, uh, "detail", you'll have to be patient. I have video to review, and--like I said before--shooting that stuff was kind of frowned upon. I shot a little, but not much.

Besides, the event isn't really about that, despite appearances to the contrary.

I've upped my standards; now, up yours.
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Thanks Offramp,


I was out of town when the pics came up...looks very cool. I've always wanted to build some type of project car to take out there...

Seriously, what the f*ck with the candles? Where does this candle impulse come from, and in what other profession does it get expressed?

-steve albini

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Out on the city street, illegally, at night--and without any platforms or anything, just the chassis and engine--0 to 50 in a city block.


Out on the playa, yer limited to 5 mph. Dust and pedestrians.

I've upped my standards; now, up yours.
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