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I need more Linux help.

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Does anyone have a location for the drivers so I can run my wireless router from this remote unit on a Linux OS? I have a D-Link model DWL-G510 802.11g/2.4GHz Wireless PCI adapter installed. It works great with Windows 2000 but this will be my DAW and I have a Linux program on a separate partition with it's own storage partition that I want to be able to access my other computer's files from, both Linux and Windows. D-Link doesn't have the drivers and I've not been able to find open source drivers for this card. Too New? I have found drivers for the 520 card thats the precurser to this current card.


At this time, I'm running Lindows/Linspire version of Linux on this computer and can't find anything there either. I will be contacting them as well as D-Link but I'm hoping one of you can help me out quicker.


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You might have arrived a little early. The card is listed here:

Seattle Wireless list of 802.11g adapters


with the indication that it does not have Linux drivers. The chipset seems to be from Marvel. You can probably confirm that in the Windows device manager (or maybe with dmesg). This project supports some of the wifi cards in linux. Not yours, not yet anyway. Best bet is to keep googling with the actual chipset and 802.11.

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