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Any Labor Day Bargains?

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Woohoo, I got mine!


I went to our local Guitar Center for their Labor Day sale, I've been wanting a replacement mandolin for years now. I was hoping they'd have their Kentucky brand ($559) on sale for $450 or so. They didn't even have any Kentucky's in stock!

Then I saw it. They had a Fender F-style mandolin, MSRP $800-something, Guitar Center price normally $579, one left, only $349!! Woohoo, I now have a mandolin again, the only instrument I play that I can curl up with in the recliner and play along with the radio on.

This sweetie has inlaid purfling, pearl knobs, gold hardware, really nice!



Anyone else get a good deal this year? :)


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Great deal on that Mandolin. They play pretty nice. Show us some pics.


Not really a great deal, but I finally picked up a wireless card for my DAW so I can access some of the files on this computer. I got a 10% off chit from Best Buy in the mail and they also had a ten buck rebate going so I used it.


I probably should have gone with a Linksys or Airlink wireless router instead of the D-Link router. All the periferal cards are less expensive with the other units.


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Let's see. Today, at my local GC, I walked out with:


3 Plugsound software sound modules, $9.99 each.

1 Reason Refill, $9.99

Adrenalinn I, $120.00


And I would've bought this Gretsch Electromatic mini humbucker thing for $99.00, but I couldn't get it to tune up.


There was also an untouched V-Synth for 1000.00, but my wife would kill me if I got a second one (she thinks they're ugly).

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