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Hi all, I'm just (finally) getting myself set up with SOCAN, the Canadian performing rights organization, and consequently have to choose between ASCAP and BMI for US royalties, and I thought I'd ask to see if anyone had any opinions or thoughts about which one is better. I'm mainly doing film and TV music.




(this is a topice I've posted on a few different forums, sorry if you're seeing multiples of it!)

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There was more of a difference between BMI and ASCAP in the past. These days, there's really no difference. Personal relationships might push you into one camp or the other, but they do the same thing.


Having said that, all things created equal, go with ASCAP.



Dooby Dooby Doo
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I've heard a ton of complaints about both - mainly from instrumental music composers, since for instrumental music on TV both ASCAP and BMI pay a small fraction of what music with vocals would receive, unlike other PROs around the world.


I've found that ASCAP staffers don't seem to necessarily have that freindly of a demeanor on the phone either, but maybe that's just a regional sort of difference?

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Well.. Let's see...


BMI has that monolithic building at the head of Music Row that can be easily seen from many places downtown..


But ASCAP is our client (for their country - music awards just before the CMA Awards show) so I guess I'll add my voice to the ASCAP chorus.




Perhaps you should speak with reps from both companies and make a decision based on what they tell you in conjunction with the suggestions here. ;)

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