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Over FOUR HUNNR'D CLONKS and rising. Look out william Hung

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It ain't a half a million a day like william that IDOL LOSER who made a career out of bad sangin but I checked my stats the othre day and I swannee and do declare that they was more'n four hunner'd clonks recorded. and still got some monthe left.. Thats way more than three a day( average clonks of a month) which was my olde record. WOW!

it's been climbing steadily if a bit slowely. so slowley it seems anti-climatic but the proof is in them numbers. Somebody's clonkin' and they ain't my mama! ahahaha!

Downloads are up too.

Stats are great.

I only got two sites with statistics and chart progress and the info is welcome and lets me know I'm doing something right well enough.

Okay I ain't no bon jovi or william the idol guy but the TRAFFIC to my pages is up and clonks are up and the sharks are out and tryin' to nibble up on ol' rick and while there is strife and honger and slavery going on in othre parts of the world a certain amount of healing is going on too.

Cause you know what "they" say?

Music soothes the savage beast. music soothes That beast in all of us.

All I say.

Clonk it!

the end Thanks for lettin' me share..

Frank Ranklin and the Ranktones



FRANKIE RANKLIN (Stanky Franks) <<<

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