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The Future of Lower Priced Digital Consoles

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When the Yamaha O2Rs, O1V and O3s came about in the mid 90s, everyone wanted one. Then Mackie introduced the d8b and others followed like Tascam and Roland, Korg, etc...


Now we are seeing musician, producer, engineer types going more with controllers and DAWs. I`m just wondering if the future of lower to mid priced digital consoles will be propserous or have we just gone through another quick era due to technology.


Remember ADATs? Exactly! Thats what I`m thinking is happening with digital boards. They will be obsolete in another 5 years?



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Digital boards are in no danger of disappearing. Despite the steady increase of computing power and enhanced software programs, most mixers still want a tactile surface that allows intuitive, quick adjustments.


Digital console technology is currently diverging into better stand alone consoles and control surfaces designed to control hardware and software installed in a computer. The way I see it, both will prosper for some time because they fill very different needs for recording and live use.

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Some people like to go mixerless, and just use outboard preamps and so forth to get the signal into the DAW, where they pretty much do everything else from there on out. Others still see the need for an outboard mixing board of some type - digital or analog. Personally I fall into that camp, and I don't see mixers going completely away any time soon.
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