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My Tendonitis Exercise

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Here is an exercise I came up with to relieve the stiffness in my forearms.


I hope you can use this LiveMusic.


Sit in a chair with arm rests.


Lightly clinch your fist and with your arm completely straight, place the bottom of your left arm over the chairs arm rest.


Put some pressure against the arm rest and slowly slide your arm down while turning your wrist counterclockwise as many times as you wish.


This resistance and motion seems to stretch the tendons and relive the stiffness.


At least this worked for me, I hope it helps someone else.


Do the same thing for your right arm but move your wrist in a clockwise motion.

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Thanks for the tip, AKA. Since I turned 40 I've been having more and more problems, first plantar fasciitis (sp?) forced me to quit running, now in the last year my hands are hurting more and more. Looking forward to trying this out! :thu:


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