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The July Issue of RECORDING: Guitar Recording - Capturing the Best Tone

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Whether a small combo amp or a giant wall of 4x12 stacks, a pedal board filled with boutique pedals or direct into the amp or even no amp at all using the latest cutting-edge amp sims or plugins––guitarists are driven by tone, and it's the job of the recording musician to capture it.

The July issue is all about capturing that tone!





We are stacking the deck in your favor with a host of guitar recording tools. In microphones, we have the 2012 Compact Cardioid Microphone from DPA and the just-released Aztec from Roswell Pro Audio––the company's first tube offering. Next up is a pair of microphone preamps from Lightning Boy Audio––the Dark Storm, which features some special guitar-based tricks, along with its 500 series and Super Storm sibling.


We have the 500 series Rotating Limiter from Scott Dorsey's Kluge Audio to bring the clamp down. Then we have the instrument focussed JamX audio interface from Apogee Digital.


What's a guitar recording issue without pedals? In that category, we present the latest Select Series guitar pedal offerings from API, the new Amplitube Tone-X Pedal from IK Multimedia, and the Zelzah multi-dimensional phaser from Strymon.


For our plugin strummers, we have the hard rock/heavy metal forward Metallurgy Collection from Line 6 and the Voltage Amps plugin suite from Waves.


Finally, in the non-guitar world, we dig into the latest firmware update for the Arturia Micro-Freak, and we also have a play with the first synthesizer offering from BABY Audio; come meet the BA-1.


Finally, we have a book report on Pete Anderson's new book, How To Produce A Record.




In this month's interview, Dave Martin chats with producer and guitarist Pete Anderson (Dwight Yoakam, K.D. Lang, Tanya Tucker, Roy Orbison, Buck Owens) to get Pete's tips on capturing great guitar tracks.




All of our features in this issue are also all about guitar (and bass). Producer, engineer and bassist Dave Martin offers his time-tested advice for recording bass. In Studio 101Joe Albano brings us a back-to-basics intro to guitar recording, and Aaron Trumm asks...and answers the question, "How to get great guitar tracks when you don't play or know any guitarists?"


Mark Hornsby brings us our second interview in this month's Inside The Studio as he talks with guitarist Robben Ford, and producer Marc Usrelli shares some of his favorite amps, mics and guitar recording techniques in Session Log.


There is lots of stummin', pickin', shreddin' and stompin' goodness to be had in the July Issue of RECORDING Magazine!


Editor - RECORDING Magazine

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