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Just got back form this years Reggae on the River!

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As always this years Reggae on the River, held in lovely Humboldt Co. on the Eel River. The highlights of the three day show were definitely Steel Pulse, Ozomatli and Spearhead/Michael Franti. If any of you are into reggae, or maybe just a nice mellow weekend jamming to good tunes with good people, you should definitely check this festival out. :D
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Cool! The sound company I used to work with out there, Production Logic, used to do that festival - wonder if they still do? I always wanted to go to that... :D but, I sure do remember blowing the dirt out of the racks after one particularly rainy weekend! :eek:
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I don't think production was there this year, I think it was massive sound and island? Something along those lines. yeah it is definitely hared on gear, I was wondering what they did with everything at night? I have no festival sound experience, and i couldn't get up to look ( I was with the wife..no toys for me while with the wife)at the gear to see if it was all in racks? or what method they used to get it all in there, I assumed they rack everything and drive it in in a pickup.
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I was supposed to mix for Morgan's Heritage (Sat night), but missed my flight out of NY Sat am...I have friends that played on Sun too.


Well...I'm working Doheny Beach Sept 19th...


Glad you had fun Blackfish...I've worked that gig since 94 with one act or another.


NYC Drew

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king music is weally wild in that there is so much going on. You got to lose yourself in the jams to find the music.

I like king music so much I've devoted a large number of hours into larning why it moves the way it does.

All those bands doing their version of what they consider to be King music, I bet was fun to behold.

The richness of the true reggae tune(something I've only just begun to learn)is somehow now and before and later all rolled into one.

I listened (video)to Bobby M. explain how one must speak to 'de people within the lyrics.

he described How he tells warnings and wisdoms to de folkes if they will hear.

So I too talk to de folkes. I tell dem hey!

Besides de time you're floatin'

keep one foot on 'de ground



A three day concert? sounds like a Great poly-phonic time.

You know whats really freaky? I'm workin' on a SKA version of one tin soldier.. I tried it out and the chord substitutions are killing me slowly but its weally wild mon'.. weally..

Frank Ranklin and the Ranktones



FRANKIE RANKLIN (Stanky Franks) <<<

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