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OMG!!! I Forgot to post about our April Issue...hows that for an April Fool.

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I was so busy with NAMM stuff, I forgot to post this. I will jump to May tomorrow.




Welcome to one of our favorite annual topics––Studio Upgrades! Perfectly timed to be handed out in person at the April NAMM show in Anaheim, Studio upgrades can be a better microphone, a new flavor of compression, a shiny new plugin, or it can be the addition of room treatment, a super fast hard drive, or even simply re-arranging your racks and gear layout to improve your workflow. All this and more is the focus of our April issue.




What is a NAMM issue without a hearty host of reviews? Starting with outboard gear, to get connected, we have the MBOX Studio USB-C from Avid. For your summing needs, it's the new 2-BUS-XT from Dangerous Music, and we have the 12-channel Dante equipped 12Mic-D mic pre from RME.


In microphones, we check out the new 5th Generation of the RØDE NT1 and the LA-220 V2 from Lauten Audio.


Our processor upgrades included the RS660 compressor from Chandler Limited, the Solid State Logic Bus+ bus compressor, and the LiN2A optical compressor from Lindell Audio. In the EQ department, we have the 500-Series API Select SV14 4-Band EQ and the NSEQ-F from Millennia Media.


On the room treatment side, we check out the new Razor acoustic panels from GIK Acoustics. For your ears, we listen to the Focus Headphones from Fluid Audio, and we have your storage needs covered with the new OWC Envoy Pro mini portable SSD from Other World Computing.


If your studio needs a furniture upgrade, we have new desk and chair options from Wavebone.


Finally, in software, we have the pure:limit plugin from Sonible and the Patch App DX from Flock Audio.




Our interview this month is by way of Mark Hornsby's Inside The Studio column. Mark sits down with "The Man Behind the Music" Chuck Surack. Learn about his musical past, the early days of portable and home studios and more.




In this issue's Studio 101,  Joe Albano instructs us on wiring up your studio with, An Introduction to Cables and Connections.

In Session Log, producer Marc Urselli offers up some of his recent studio upgrade tales.

Aaron Trumm is back in the month's Fade Out with more studio upgrade considerations, and engineer, producer and bassist Dave Martin dissects the latest Readers' Tracks.


We look forward to seeing you at NAMM and in the April issue of RECORDING Magazine.


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