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Re Mastering in SX or any DAW for that matter

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It seems as though the Pre-Master level should be safely anywhere between -10dbFS and -3dbFS to allow for headroom.


from www.digido.com

.....In 24-bit recording you can make a perfectly good mix that peaks between -3 and -10 dBFS with no loss of quality, in fact, with improved quality.....


So, hypothetically, let's say I've done a mix that peaks at -10dbFS.


I import it into SX2 for Mastering.


I then insert a TC Electronic X3 or an L2, whatever, directly on the channel for some moderate compression and or limiting.


What is the best way to bring that final master level up to -0.3dbFS?


a)The Master fader ?


b)should I have brought the channel fader up before applying the limiter and leave the master fader alone? (You can really drive or clip the input of the plug-in this way though)

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If it was me (garage mastering union - san jose)and I wanted some moderate compression and limiting like you mentioned I'd pull out the 64bit internal bus Voxengo Elephant2, adjust the input (to push into the mastering limiter a bit) as well as adjusting the output to raise the post-effect output level the desired amount to -0.3dBFS that you mentioned.


Listening on an adequate monitoring system you can decide if the crest (musical headroom of the average rms to peak) has been squished too much. Being a garage guy I also watch those stats on an outboard Behringer DEQ2496 RTA metering system.

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