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I have one of these.  Was curious if any other forumites own/use this platform.  If memory serves, Dr. Vnuk is an owner...


If you do have one - how much do you use it?  It is your primary mixer, or do you use it in tandem with something else?  


For example, I use it a bunch in conjunction with my Keylab Mark II to control soft synths.  Very satisfying to have a tactile interface with which I can turn knobs and throw switches. 😎





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You are correct. I have two...and yet I utilized the Raven more when I had one. When I had one, I used it as a mixer, which I LOVE. Its so much nicer being able to adjust plugin parameters, and move faders and write automation just like a console/piece of hardware. I also love the transport features and quick keys.


What I never got the hang of was the whole "Minority Report" style waveform editing and various touch voodoo that the Rave guys like Jamie Zabreck pull off. 


I also know it's my own fault, but I just don't have the time to daily invest in digging deep into those processes. As such, Raven #2 is just more of a computer monitor.

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I have a large touchscreen monitor. I don't use it for mixing, I have a Faderport control surface. Where I find touch useful is tweaking plug-in parameters, as well as scrolling (up/down and left/right).


But what's most useful to me is that it allows two-handed operation. I use my left hand with a mouse to do the detail work, and my right-hand on the touch screen for the "grand gestures."


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