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Studio Lighting?!?!? AND RME Fireface...

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This is my first post to this list....so an intro is needed.

Im 21 years old....name is Clint

I am about to start school at Indiana University for the Audio Recording program.

Just got married and just bought my first house...

And guess what?? My wife let me have the biggest room for my studio!

How many of you can say that??!?!



After some serious upgrades to many aspects of the room including Auralex treatment , a serious Mackie Control universal and much pondering and debating over which sound card to get...

Im now ready to focus on some lighting aspects.


Im looking to add depth , mood and ambience to the room with some mellow lighting.

I have basic light covered with some track lighting on the top......so that part is covered.


Im now looking for some colored light to enhance the late night creative sessions.


Problem is Im clueless as to where to look and what to use....


Any suggestions?

What do you use for this similiar situation....



Anybody got a hold of the new RME Fireface?

How is this piece?

Mic pre's sound good?

Worth the money?

REALLY looks good on paper!!

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I'm curious about the Fireface too. We may get a demo soon since we are a Nuendo dealer and we're spec'ing a system possibly including a Fireface.


We have used and installed most of the other RME line and if it's as good as the rest I'd love to get my hands on one for my own studio. Either that or an HDSP-9652 and the new Octopre-D.

Mac Bowne

G-Clef Acoustics Ltd.

Osaka, Japan

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Im starting to see vendors selling it now.

But Im not going to sink a ton of money into something unless I AT LEAST read some reviews on it.


I dont live near a music store that would host one.....more than likely so most times I depend on the ol' net reviews.

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BTW, in addition to the obligatory Lava Lamps, we used downward firing recessed lighting, stand lamps, track lighting and we put in several light switches and "zones" so that we could control what was illuminated and how much light was going to be in the various rooms and parts of rooms. I find that helps a lot - both for when we need / want more light and for when we want to go for a different vibe.
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I have a bunch of 20W halogen track lights...

...at various areas of my studio.

Some SPOT and some FLOOD...depending on what I'm lighting and how far away it is form the track lights.


Now here's the neat part...


These lights all have a clear, glass UV filter that is held in by a circular spring-like clip.


Well...I took some standard, colored lighting gels and just cut out round gel filter that size of the UV glass filter.

Then I slid the gel in-between the UV glass filter and the clip holding it in place.


Throughout my studio I have various colors in all of the halogen lights.


Some salmon/pink gels on my rack gear and console...

...deep purple/red/blue gels over my drum kit...

...rich amber/gold/yellow gels on my hanging guitars.


The gels last forever...they were designed for 500W/1000W bulbs!!!

And...I can change colors anytime I like...or remove them completely for a more natural=light mood.


I also have the obligatory "lava" lamp (though mine is a sparkle lava lamp)...and a couple of other neat accent lights in the studio, like my pink/purple neon guitar light!!!


Good lighting and mood lighting really makes a difference! :cool:

miroslav - miroslavmusic.com


"Just because it happened to you, it doesn't mean it's important."

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