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RIP Fay Wray

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96 years old! Notice the resemblance to a young Wray and actress Christina Applegate? "King Kong" wouldn't have been the same without the lovely Miss Wray and those unique screams.


Rest in Peace!



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Arguably King Long was the first Hollywood "blockbuster" and she could easily be described as the first victim of the blockbuster slump. For years she tried to distance herself from her role, but in true Mark Hamill fashion, she ultimately embraced it.


My heart goes out to her family for their loss. Rest in peace Fay.

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I was particularly impressed that, paying respects to Ms. Wray, the management of the Empire State Building said they would douse their lights in a moment of rememberence. :thu:


We tend to forget just how miraculous old movies seemed to audiences because the effects seem so tame and obvious to us, in the age of digital manipulation so good we can metmorphose just anything, living or inanimate, into anything else.


Ms. Wray had literally nothing to go on to craft her portrayal for King Kong. She's a pioneer of acting to a co-star who doesn't exist. :thu:

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