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PA question

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I am looking into purchasing a PA for my band. Mainly for practices but also for live use(used basically like a keyboard amp) The music can get very loud. Loud vox and ambient sounds. Vox, Roland Spd-S, Korg microkorg, Korg KP2 Kaoss pad, and Boss SP303 would be using the PA for practices. For the live show everything listed except vox would be used with the PA. So my question is: Can I get a PA that can get loud enough for practices and live shows without spending at least $1000? Keep in mind I don't plan on using the PA during live shows for anything but the extra sounds/fx of the music.
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Heh, yeah. I have an old Shure SR105B power amp, M68FC mic mixer and M610 feedback destroyer I'm getting rid of for well under that price, without loudspeakers. It's 200 watts into 4 ohms.

Check the Shure Site and look up the units for the specs. If you're interested, contact me and well wheel and deal. :D


Otherwise, there are other options with and without loudspeakers that will do the job.


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Here's a novel idea....turn the volume down when you're practicing. Its a lot easier to cover over things that aren't quite right when everyone is playing loud, but that's kind of self defeating the reason you practice. I realize that guitar players tend to crank things up, like a Les Paul so they get the right sound and sustain, but its better to use small stage amps and have the FOH PA cover a large room. Your ears will thank you for it later in life, trust me on that. Unfortunately, you don't realize that your destroying your hearing until you start getting hearing lose. Wear hearing protection and turn down. :thu:


In answer to your question, $1000.00 is a slim budget for any kind of PA, especially if you play so loud.


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