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Controller changes

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Can any Sonar User that knows how to change controllers to effect MIDI data already in a track let me know the procedure. For example: How can I use the Mod Wheel to effect the decay sound of an open hi hat data already in a track? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Sure, no problem.


There are two ways. If the controller is an envelope you've drawn, right click on it and select "Assign Envelope." Select "MIDI" at the bottom of the menu, then choose the new controller type and channel. For example, you can convert an envelope for pan to volume, or mod wheel to chorus, or whatever.


If you've recorded the data from a real time MIDI controller, you need to convert the controller data into an envelope so you can do the above trick.


In the Piano Roll view, show the controller strip and select the data. Then go Edit > Convert MIDI to Shapes. This removes the controller data and creates an envelope from it. Now you can reassign the envelope.


Hope this helps. Hey! You need to buy a copy of my "Sonar Insider" book. :)

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