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The Objectivist Center in Poukeepsie, NY ... anyone familiar with it?

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Anyone a member of, or familiar with the organization? If so, can anyone tell me what has happened to the web site? Has the organization shut down, and if so, can anyone tell me anything about its' founder; David Kelley?


Any information will be appreciated.

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Hey Ani,


I don't know if I'm a "member" or not but I've attended 3 of their summer conferences. This last one was in Vancouver and it was one of best times of my life. I've become close friends with several other participants.


As with any organization there are some fringe types that don't really fit in anywhere in the world. The first conference I went to was at the U of Pittsburgh at Johnstown and I was struck by how truly interested people were in my life. It took me a day to get used to all the people being so kind.


There's another group associated with Ayn Rand called The Ayn Rand Institute which is more orthodox in their approach. I went to a conference of theirs in 1997 and I learned a lot about ancient Greek philosophy, art and politics. But the social aspects was very bad. They were just socially challenge for the most part. I didn't like the people, loved the lectures.


Have you read much philosophy, Ani?



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Thank you Lance,


I conducted a search and found the .org link which turned out to be dead.


I have never studied philosophy in extreme depth, but I do occasionally go to the site and read articles that have been written by David Kelley.

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