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Synthesized 2022, Cambridge U.K. 25th/26th June 2022

Failed Muso

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Not so much a "trade show" but a gathering of like-minded synth nerds at the fabulous Centre for Computing History in Cambridge, the Silicon Valley (or Silicon Fen) of the U.K.!

This is a small gathering, open to all, across a weekend where a bunch of enthusiasts bring rare, exciting gear to show and allow visitors to play with. Given the location, there is a celebration of the use of computers in music, but many attendees bring classic analog and digital synths and drum machines for you to lust after. I'll be there again with a Series III Fairlight CMI and maybe a few other bits of synthesizer ephemera 😉 I had hoped to bring a Yamaha DX1, but the PSU is still buggering me around! I may just bring some other sampling classics like an EMAX II.

Tickets and info available at the following location. Entry also includes access to all areas of the museum, which has on display fully operational computing and gaming exhibits from the last 5 or 6 decades! A fun, family day out!



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Rob Puricelli

Music Technologist, Writer, Podcaster, Instructional Designer


Failed Muso

Sound On Sound
Pro Synth Network


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Some pics to appease Brother Bryce 😉


This is one of the CMI's I have which mostly behaved itself!




My Yamaha VSS200 and E-MU EMAX II 8MB Turbo HD




These bits were for sale. I'm still sorely tempted to return to my roots and but that ST... I even half considered the Prophecy as a spares unit for my own.




Sampling on a ZX Spectrum. Some random Akai, Casio and Yamaha gear and an Omnichord!








Oberheim DPX-1 and E-MU Drumulator



Modulus 002, not Modal (pre-name change) and a modded Korg DW-8000











This mint 2600 is an original, discovered in a school's closet where it had been kept since it was bought as they couldn't figure it out! Oh, and a modded 808




MIDI sequencing demos with an Amstrad464, Roland MT-32, Casio VLtone, ZX Spectrum and a Yammy DX-100




Atari St and Cubase




The very British Greengate DS:4 sampler and a Yamaha CX5M system








Brilliant little drum synths from RAKIT




Paul Soulsby's "retro" corner... (Pro-One needs a dentist)



Paul's own synth, the Atmultitron. Check his stuff out... very cool!








Inside a Korg Micro Preset...





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Rob Puricelli

Music Technologist, Writer, Podcaster, Instructional Designer


Failed Muso

Sound On Sound
Pro Synth Network


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