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    • Thanks for this. Small point, but I would put a C7 (resolving the sus) for the bar leading in to the A section and the first ending.   This is a great video to watch of the performance:    
    • Weight is always a primary issue for me which always rules out the Montage 8’s the Fantom 88, the Kronos 88 etc. I always get the trickle down version. I did have the Kronos 73 for a couple of years which I loved but ultimately it was too heavy. Getting the “lite” versions usually means I sell it in a couple of years as the compromise turns out to be a deal breaker. Usually action. Going to sit down this summer and have a think about selling most of my stuff and maybe going iPad or MacBook with a controller. 
    • Time to be a pest again...my keys have been feeling lonely lately so I did this today to make it up to them Rough, yadda yadda but you'll get the idea-    
    • I believe that Michael Dunford, who was the guitarist for Renaissance for several years, was also a member of The Nashville Teens alongside John Hawken. Anyways, I don't think John Hawken was in Renaissance for very long, he played on their first few albums and then John Tout joined in 1972.
    • https://www.cbs.com/shows/video/RGmkelCBD62yO9wvSrVxFVyTg3EtW2lg/   I saw this interview about Let It Be on CBS 60 Minutes not that long ago. Thanks not only to Peter Jackson for helping discover the Let It Be footage, but also to Michael Lindsay-Hogg for helping recover this footage, as the original Let It Be documentary had been out of print for so long!

    • I remember seeing the ads in Keyboard and a picture of the Odyssey on the Musicians Friend catalog. I really wanted one but ended up with the MiniMoog because it was available. In the late 70's you didn't have a lot of choices in a small rural town. Was very interested when this came out but reviews of the horrible touch pads scared me away. Wish it had more jacks for interfacing with the Behringer 2600. Still, maybe someday. Wonder how it compares to the Korg version?
    • Carlo, you make that Oddy sound fabulous! I have a black-face Oddy and Axxe in my garage, have had both since the '80's, and both need new sliders, probably new caps, and a ton of cleaning. But hearing you play it made me feel nostalgic for that sound! Given the price of the Behringer, it'll probably be cheaper to just buy a new one than to fix mine.
    • OT - just a comment on the original white face Oddy - I modified mine so I had an octave up/down switch. Also changed the pitch knob to one which had a notch sticking out so that I could curl my little finger round it and be confident that I could return it to the neutral position. And I managed to rewire the modulation slider on the first oscillator so that the second oscillator modulated too. It was all very ambitious of me, with not much real understanding of what I was doing, but it worked nicely. i hung onto it for years, only selling it off about 10 years ago. Nowadays I occasionally use the app on the iPad. It’s close enough for me.
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